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About Our Charity

We are a health focused organization, with a strong focus to spreading wellbeing and healthy practices.

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We are a health focused organization, with a strong focus to spreading wellbeing and healthy practices. To this end, our resources are targeted towards the challenged within our society. From our inception, we have channeled every skill set of our team to the daily embrace of orphans and widows to improve their lot and offset the burden that daily living imposes. From this platform, we promise to be relentless in this pursuit.

With a network of doctors, pharmacuetical enterprises, eager volunteers and empathetic administrators, each session of sharing touches the lives that were intended. These sessions range from free check ups, to free prescriptions and diagnosis. By making health services available to the less priviledge, we share the gift we have been given to others. This experience happens through medical advocacy, personnel and services volunteering, and easy-to-manage sports competitions. More so, our focus also shines on the old people without support in the society.

Our Services

Where We Focus


Each person is a part of the society, and we have to share our best with the rest of our community who may not have.


Be a part of our efforts to share the burden of the widows, with body evaluation support and skill-building programs.


Where strength may be lost and time may have taken its toll, our work continues the support of elderly men and women.


You already know what all work and no play does to a child. This is our commitment to them, can you make it yours too?

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Our volunteers' Team

Our Volunteers' Team

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our mission

To keep hope alive, by being an extended hand that brings sunlight into dimming lives. We know that fortune may not smile at all, irrespective of their hard work and best intentions. But we strive to maintain that ray of hope. To keep our community as healthy as they can, so they can live the lives they want to.

our history since 2014

It began with a request in our rural community: help a few kids within our rural community with their prescriptions. That was a few years ago.

Since then, we’ve seen the requests grown into free medical procedures each year, aiding older people and being a general help to widows and orphans in any way we can. We like to say that this path chose us.

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.